Online Marketing Consultants and Search Engine Optimisation Consultants.

The first stage we always recommend for anybody looking at improving their website is Reporting.


It’s very important to understand the major factors that affect your website. Online Optimisation Ltd offer a number of detailed reports all prepared with unique content by a human. Our range of reports include starter report, Keyword research, Competition Research, Market Potential Report plus much more including the Enterprise Report which covers all the major areas in one report. For further details on Website Reporting for Business please contact us. To give you an idea of what these reports can do for your business Try our Free Online Marketing Report, this is a light weight version of our Enterprise Report.


Working closely with our clients we formulate an Online Marketing Strategy and Action Plan, this is the overall guide for our customer to follow. These strategies work out the necessary action steps to improving your Online Presence. Once this strategy has been produced its then up to the client to ensure that action is taken to carry out these steps. Obviously we don’t just leave you there we offer all the services that you are likely to need on the road to completing your step by step Online Marketing Strategy. We however don’t insist that you use our full services if you already have a SEO Consultant then you are welcome to use them for the remedial work. We can also work with a member of your staff or even your web designer to ensure the Action Plan is completed.

Once the Online Marketing Strategy has been produced the possibly remedial work is likely to fall into one of the following categories Onsite Optimisation or Offsite Optimisation. We will list typical actions and describe a little about the two different areas.

Onsite Optimisation

Just like the words suggests this remedial work is carried out on your website itself either by our in-house website design team or by forwarding the changes on to your current design team (in-house or outside contractor).

Options Inlcude :-

  • Website Page Content
  • Website Navigation
  • Meta Keywords and Description
  • Page Title and Header Tags
  • The use of images,flash and javascript.
  • Customer Experience Improvements
  • Robots.txt and Site Maps.

Offsite Optimisation

This area covers all other aspects of the Online Marketing Strategy, this is a small proportion of work that can be carried out on your behalf and by no means exhaustive. It would be very labour intensive and costly to carry out all these options at once, we set out a monthly plan within the Online Marketing Strategy to work through the necessary options required. Using information collected at the reporting stage we can formulate a plan to get you in front of your Competition and then keep you one step ahead of them.

Options Inlcude:-

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Blog Creation and Posting
  • Forum Marketing
  • Article Writing and Submission
  • Link Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Ebook Creation and Publication
  • Press Release and Distribution
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation and Creation

We hope to provide you with more information on all these services, detailing the benefits for your business and breaking down in detail the actions taken and why, this will be information we will be providing free of charge on our website very soon.

In the meantime please contact us if you require further information on our services our would like to take to one of our Client Liaison Managers.

Don’t forget even if you aren’t interested in our services still take this opertunity to get your Free Website Marketing Report. No Obligations exist.